November 26, 2023


Oh hi! I’m Lisa, REALTOR® with the best brokerage in town Kootenay Homes !
Thanks for stopping by my site and here’s why you need a me by YOUR side:

1. Market Insight Masters: Realtors come armed with a treasure trove of market knowledge. With our market insights, we can strategically position your home to attract the right buyers at the right time, maximizing your chances of a successful sale.
2. Marketing Gurus: Selling a home isn’t just sticking a “For Sale” sign in the yard anymore. I have marketing strategies at my disposal and it’s not just listing on the MLS! I will present your home in the best light to grab attention and reel in potential buyers.
3. Negotiation Wizards: Negotiating is an art, and realtors are the Da Vincis of it! From navigating counteroffers, we are skilled in securing the best deal for you. With my expertise, I’ll ensure you don’t sell yourself short and walk away with the most value possible from the sale of your home.
If you’d like to chat about it, give me a text or call!
Lisa Nicole
Taking You From One Stage To The Next
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