BUYERSSELLERS December 30, 2022

What do home buyers want in 2023?

What do home buyers want in 2023? And what should we add to the list that YOU as a home buyer are looking for?⁣

I did some research on the good ole inter web and along with my own of showing buyers and these are a few hot items!⁣

If your washer and dryer sit alone in the corner of your unfinished basement, it’s time for an upgrade–or at least a rearrangement.⁣

Especially here in the Kootenay’s with all the boats, quads, snowmobiles, and outdoor gear we collect… a garage can add huge value! And, if you’ve got some extra room in your garage, consider adding cabinets and shelving to transform your empty corner into a workman’s paradise. Buyers want reimagined spaces that serve more purpose than a conventional.⁣

The kitchen… the the most scrutinized place as potential buyers tour a home. They put a lot of focus on the kitchen and its features and functions. Not only do they want it to be updated, but 81% of buyers want a double sink and a walk-in pantry, while 77% want a central island. If walls separate your kitchen from your living space, get the sledgehammer out!⁣

Since the “you know what” hit us, more people are working from home — and loving it! If you don’t currently have a room that’s designated as the office, consider turning a spare bedroom into an office when you show your home. Or even a simple addition of a desk and office chair to an unused space could have potential buyers racing to sign on the dotted line.⁣

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